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Автор Тема: Phoca Cart 3.0.0RC3 (Work in progress)  (Прочетена 16112 пъти)

Неактивен Jan

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Re: Phoca Cart 3.0.0RC3 (Work in progress)
« Отговор #30 -: 26 Октомври, 2021, 14:07:34 »
Hi, I would like to ask for your help again. This time it is Joomla 4.

Phoca Cart has been rewritten for Joomla 4 and is now in Alpha phase - so in very early stages and needs to be tested properly.

If you are willing to test it, you can download the Alpha development version here:

And as always - bug reports or feedback can be made on the Phoca forum.

Thank you all.

Неактивен Jan

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Re: Phoca Cart 4.0.0 Beta (Work in progress)
« Отговор #31 -: 30 Ноември, 2021, 19:02:24 »

1) A new version of Phoca Cart has been released - version 4.0.0 Beta


2) Overrides for Phoca Cart top modules have been released for the following templates/frameworks:

- Cassiopeia (Dropdown)
- Cassiopeia (metisMenu)
- Gantry 5
- YOOtheme
- Helix
- T4


3) New version of Phoca POS template has been released - version 4.0.0

All released stuff is related to Joomla 4 only.

In Beta version, compared to Alpha version, there is new feature: UIkit output (used in YOOtheme templates) which is an alternative to standrd Bootstrap 5 output.
Please, if anyone has the possibility to test the output in the YOOtheme template, I would be glad for feedback.

Top modules and their positions in different templates:

You can download Beta version here: https://www.phoca.cz/download/category/100-phoca-cart-component

I would be very happy for testing and feedback.

Not to forget, if you are switching the output, it's also a good idea to load special CSS.

Thank you.